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A2/A2 Raw milk is available through our herdshare program!

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 Raw A2 Guernsey Milk

 A Virginia Family Owned and Operated small dairy

If you are interested in receiving delicious and nutritious A2 raw Guernsey milk on a weekly basis, delivered to a drop location near your home please send us a message! We would love to hear from you!

Our A2 Guernsey milk is complete as it comes from the cow – we chill it and bottle it for shareholders to pick up at our several delivery locations throughout Virginia.

Our dairy herd is made up of 100% registered and A2 tested Guernsey cows.

  • 98% of our Guernsey herd is certified A2/A2
  • The A2 protein makes our milk easier to digest than cows that carry the A1 protein
  • The cows graze on pasture, and are supplemented (seasonally) with naturally raised hay
  • We do not have the certification of “Organic” but our practices reflect an organic philosophy
  • We do not give the cows hormones – that is our promise to you
  • Our cows are healthy and our practices promote healthy immune function
  • Our milk is tested antibiotic free

Quick Facts about our Herdshare Program:

  • Our Herdshare program complies with all the legal requirements of the State of Virginia
  • An Agistment Agreement (contract) and bill of sale are required
  • Buy-in (herdshare) fees apply per share – they are due at startup, and are non-refundable
  • The monthly boarding fee is the only recurring fee we charge
  • Your milk is bottled in dairy approved HDPE jugs with a tamper evident seal
  • We are Members of the American Guernsey Association, Virginia Guernsey Breeders Association, Buckingham County Cattlemens Assoc., and Farm to Consumer Legal Defense


We are pleased to announce the opening of new drop locations in the following cities:

Front Royal —– Louisa —– Bumpass —– Appomattox

List of all current drop locations:



Broad Run



Charlottesville (2)



Front Royal









Sterling – COMING SOON!

Pin Locations are approximate