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We have raw milk available through our herdshare program!

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Northern Virginia’s Premium Raw Guernsey Milk

We have raw milk available through our herdshare program!

We are a Family Owned and Family Operated Micro-dairy in the Piedmont Region of Northern Virginia. Our milk is complete as it comes from the cow – we chill it and bottle it for shareholders to pick up at our several delivery locations throughout Northern Virginia. We currently deliver to:

  • Manassas
  • Gainesville
  • Warrenton
  • Vienna
  • Fairfax
  • Fredericksburg
  • Reston
  • Leesburg close to routes #15/50(NEW!)
  • Rixeyville – Farm Pickup
Our Herdshare complies with all the legal requirements of the State of Virginia. An Agistment Agreement (contract) is required and we provide a Bill of Sale. A monthly boarding fee is the only recurring fee we charge. Our registered Guernsey cows graze on pasture, and are supplemented with naturally raised hay. The cows are seasonally fed a minimal amount of organic/natural grains (flax, barley and oats) that we have custom formulated. We do not have the certification of “Organic” but our practices reflect an organic philosophy. We do not give the cows any hormones. Our cows are healthy and our practices promote healthy immune function. We are Members of the American Guernsey Association and the Virginia Guernsey Breeders Association


Guernsey Cows


Guernsey Milk Facts:

  • Higher in solids than other breeds
  • Butterfat is 4.5-5.5 %
  • Guernsey milk is low in cholesterol
  • Breed naturally averages 96% A2
  • Higher in Beta Carotene, Vitamin A, B1, B12, & naturally occurring Vitamin D
  • Guernsey milk is naturally better balanced than any other cow’s milk, with test results showing it to have one part omega 3 to two parts omega 6

We chose these cows for their very special milk as well as for the fact that they are on the watch list of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. The Isle of Guernsey, a tiny island in the English Channel off the coast of France, is the birthplace of the Guernsey cow.

About 960 A.D., besieged by buccaneers and sea rovers, the Island came to the attention of Robert Duke of Normandy. He sent a group of French monks to cultivate the soil and defend the land. The monks brought with them the best bloodlines of French cattle – Norman Brindles, also known as Alderneys, from the province of Isigny and the famous Froment du Leon breed from Brittany – and developed the Guernsey Cow.

It wasn’t until 1700 that the Guernsey was first recorded as a separate breed. Imports of foreign cattle being brought into the Isle of Guernsey were forbidden by law in 1789, to maintain the purity of the breed. The Guernsey is a breed of cattle which was commonly used in dairy farming, especially small family farms. She produces well on grass and consumes less feed than her comparable counterparts.

Her colour ranges from fawn, beige, red with white markings and they are most famous for the rich, sweet flavour of her milk. The term Golden Guernsey came from the golden colour of her coat and the golden hue of her milk.These beautiful cows are known for the superior quality of milk, the high components in the milk (fat and protein) and their docile temperament.

Their natural lifespan is between 10-12 years and throughout history, Guernsey cows have been known as the “Royal Breed”. Although the Guernsey cow is different today than it was centuries ago, Guernsey owners and breeders work diligently to maintain the breed integrity, bloodlines and to constantly improve the genes.

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