About A2 Guernsey Milk

Our Family


Our choice for the best milk cow was not an accident but a result of thorough and exhausting research! The A2 Guernsey cows are a result of almost 1000 years of perfection that result in the best milk available! A2 Guernsey cows are listed as “watch” on the endangered livestock list¬† and we are proud to do our part in keeping these beautiful animals.

A2 Guernsey milk VS A1 “white milk”:

  • Naturally carries the A2 protein
  • contains 12% more protein
  • higher concentrations of beta carotene
  • 15% more calcium
  • naturally occurring Vitamin D and Vitamin A
  • The perfect balance of Omegas

The most common description of our milk (and best comment ever) is that the milk tastes like “liquid ice cream” – what can be better than that!? Discover what many in Virginia already have – that A2 Guernsey milk is the best!

Our farm is a precious gift for our family. We cherish the special rhythm of farm life, tied to the changing of the seasons. The farm brings us closer to our parents/grandparents as we continue the tradition of being second and now (our children) third generation farmers.